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Spatial patterns and controls on historical fire regimes in the Great Xing’an Mountains

林火干扰对大兴安岭森林地上碳储量的影响[Effects of fire disturbance on aboveground carbon storage of Great Xing’an Mountains]
林火干扰是北方森林最重要的自然干扰因素,影响到森林碳储量和碳分配,然而,估算森林碳储量时林火干扰的作用常被忽视。以野外调查和统计分析为主要手段,通过系统评估林火干扰特征(火烧烈度)、植被(类型、年龄、密度)和地形(海拔、坡度和坡向)等因子对森林碳储量及其分布格局(乔木、草灌、枯立倒木和枯枝落叶)的交互作用,进而比较包括和不包括林火干扰的森林碳储量估算结果的差异性。研究结果…… [Forest fire has been the dominant natural disturbance in boreal forests, and plays an important role in the carbon storage and carbon distribution. However, the effects of fire on carbon estimation are commonly ignored. By using field survey and statistical analysis, we propose to study the interaction effects of fire regime (burn severity), vegetation (type, age and density) and topography (elevation, slope and aspect) on forest carbon storage and distribution patterns (tree, shrub, grass, coarse woody debris and litter) and then to compare the difference of estimated carbon storages from two methods of including and not including fires. More information about research results....]