Current Lab Members:
吴志伟 博士 副研究员  [Dr. Zhiwei Wu, Associate Professor]
研究领域涉及林火生态、景观生态和生态模型等方面。目前主要在较大的时间和空间尺度上研究植被、可燃物、林火,以及人类活动等对森林生态系统的综合影响,以辅助于解决森林中的管理、保护及恢复问题。具体研究兴趣主要包括: 1) 森林可燃物分类与制图; 2)林火干扰对森林景观结构与功能的影响; 3) 气候变化背景下林火状况变化趋势。[His research areas include fire ecology, landscape ecology, and ecological modeling. His current research focuses on characterizing the complex interactions among vegetation, fuel, fire, and management at large spatial and temporal scales. The science and technology he endeavor to advance may help to solve management, conservation, and restoration problems. His specific research interests include: 1) sampling, describing, and mapping of forest fuel characteristics and fire regimes; 2) investigating fire disturbance effects on forest landscape structure, dynamic, and functions (e.g., recovery trajectory and ecosystem productivity); 3) modelling effects of management strategies (e.g., fuel treatment) on forest structure and dynamics and fire regimes under climate change.]

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李顺 硕士研究生 [Shun Li, Graduate Student, M.S.]

洪娇娇 硕士研究生 [Jiaojiao Hong, Graduate Student, M.S.]
Former Lab Members:
杨达 硕士研究生[Da Yang, Graduate Student, M.S. Graduated June 2015 ]
[Thesis Title: Influence of fire disturbance on aboveground carbon storage in forest region of Great Xing’an Mountains, Northeast China ].